OMNIA IN UNO french clothing brand

At OMNIA IN UNO, our mission is to unite technicality and creativity.

You’re probably wondering what technical aspects are in a T-shirt? Much more than you’d think!

The key to creating a technical product is to surround yourself with women and men with the know-how. We quickly understood that HUMANS had to be at the heart of our design, to put an end to current machine dominated and polluting practices in industry. All the hands shaping your products in front of our eyes, embody real artistry and maintain authentic craftsmanship. Our attention to detail, combined with our desire to be eco-responsible has led us to employ materials that are still underused in the industry.

OMNIA IN UNO our production  

Tencel is the primary material in our design, making up 67%. It is then combined with organic cotton, at 33%. This balance is the perfect ratio to obtain a light, flexible and thin T-shirt while having a divine, delicate and silky outfit.

OMNIA IN UNO tancel tshirt

This fiber gives our T-shirts all their tenderness, softness and flexibility, which makes it difficult for them to crumple at the bottom of a suitcase. This material is the traveler’s faithful companion! Tencel is also a hypoallergenic fiber, because of its breathable properties, itching, scratching, sweating… All these things, that make us say that we would easily live nakedly no longer exist.Eco tshirt OMNIA IN UNO

So, convinced? If that is not enough, you will surely be seduced by the fact that our T-shirts do not get stained, even with red wine. Further to this they do not shrink in the wash and retain their shape over time. Our labels are made of organic cotton. Our product has also been labeled OEKO-TEX. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a well known label for textiles tested for harmful substances which reflects consumer confidence and high produce safety. This ensures we maintain our value to help depollute the ocean, save elephants from extinction, to plant trees and fight against deforestation… Yes, the OMNIA IN UNO community is on the move!


Step 1 - Harvesting

The raw material is harvested and transported to the factory, where it is cleaned and processed to remove any impurities or defects procured during the initial stages of cultivation. 


Step 2,3,4 - Processing
& brushing

Processing. The now, pure, washed material is spun into rolls of yarn. 

cotton sur bobine omnia in uno

The material is then brushed to remove any lint and fibres. This is to ensure the fabric has a soft face that helps to trap heat; yet as our material is cotton & lyocell is it also breathable.

brushing omnia in uno

Ring-spun yarn is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands to make a very fine, strong, soft rope of cotton fibres.

The thread is put on a machine that will continue to brush it, to leave only the softest of fibres which will be set onto spool holders.

Step 5 - Weaving

The thread is then ready for weaving. This machine weaves the thread finely, creating a piece of fabric. 

Step 6,7 - Dying process
& fabric stabilization

Dying process: The roll of fabric will go to the dying machine. Initially, the colour is concentrated in pigmented powder. Once the material is submerged in the water of the machine- a wash takes place at high temperature. The powder and water react together, penetrating the fabric with colour.

Fabric stabilization: The fabric emerges, fully coloured but creased. It needs to be stabilized. It will undergo a series of ironing, steaming, elongating before being put on a roll ready to use for the T-shirt manufacturing.

rouleaux omnia in uno

Step 8 - Cutting

Cutting: The roll will be opened and the cutting process can begin. The different patterns will be used to cut the front of the T-shirt, the back, the sleeves and all the finishing.

Step 9,10,11 - Embroidery

Embroidery takes place separately. The front of the T-shirt is sent to the embroidery factory. The patch is then stitched there, and the completed T-shirt front is sent back to the manufacturing company.

All the different parts are getting stitched together to make the final product : sleeves, front and back, tags.

The final product undergoes quality control.  We remove any stray threads, check for defects and ensure that the product is flawless. After thorough and stringent inspection the t-shirts are ironed and folded ready to expedite.

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