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OMNIA IN UNO above all entails a strong friendship between Alexis and Vince who share the same creative and innovative vision. From southwestern France; travel enthusiasts, sports men on land, at sea and in the air; lovers of nature, the two friends have launched an entrepreneurial challenge to develop a more ecological, responsible and ethical product. Their travels are a constant source of inspiration that guides them through their every choice.

“At the beginning of things the stages of production to develop the t-shirts we wanted while respecting our values seemed complicated to us. We wanted technical t-shirts that we could use in our outdoor activities. We had to find or develop a material that keeps warm in winter but breathes in summer. This material had to be ethically manufactured and sustainable. Further to this the T-shirts needed to be quite resistant to torsion of a harness, light enough to skate without sweating and especially a piece of clothing ideal for travel, a fabric that does not wrinkle. The task in achieving all these aspects was not easy as the specifications were demanding.” – Vincent co-founder

At the corner of a surf spot, during a trip to Portugal, Alexis and Vince had the chance to discover the Lyocell fiber. Convinced by the exceptional characteristics of the material and its uses in a local artisanal factory they made friends with NUNO the head producer of the factory. They left Portugal and returned to France with some initial T-shirt samples. Alexis’s and Vince’s new T-shirts were quick to gain popularity amongst their friends and sparked a number of enthusiastic conversations. This growing enthusiasm for the idea of a clothing brand that boasts superior quality in chosen materials as well sustainable and ethical production lead to the birth of OMNIA IN UNO. 

“Our trip to Indonesia was a very important element in the creation of OMNIA IN UNO. We had found the factory, the logo, we knew what we wanted but we were missing something, we wanted a design element that differentiates us. It was after visiting an elephant sanctuary that all was cleared up. We were very lucky to meet the founder of this sanctuary, an enthusiast who explained to us the situation of his animals in Indonesia. Through his park he rescues and reintegrates elephants who are mistreated or lost because of deforestation. We met Tagor at the elephant sanctuary in Bali.  This elephant and its unique history. An upheaval for us, hypersensitive to the animal cause. That day, the rest of the concept appeared to us. The desire to support an association that protects these animals was obvious. We made Tagor the elephant one of the emblems of our brand. ” – Alexis co-founder

OMNIA IN UNO’s production is based in in Portugal in compliance with strict standards for sustainable and ethical production. The raw material, Lyocell, perfectly matches their value. This material comes from controlled forests in Austria but also in the Czech Republic and it requires up to 90% less water than traditional cotton. Even when the brand uses cotton, it is organic. Find out more about the material and the manufacturing process.

IT HAD TO FEDERATE. Surrounding himself with like-minded people from the post office tried to convince them to use recycled paper, to the manufacturer convincing them to have to persuade them to reuse their scraps.

Today, OMNIA IN UNO is growing, we are proud to be able to offer durable, high quality clothing with respect for the planet and for workers throughout production.

We are also proud of our community which shares the same values. Sportsmen, nature lovers, and curious, you are the strength of our brand. Because it is also thanks to our customers that all of this becomes possible. Our family is growing day by day to open the doors to sustainable consumption.

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